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AAgWa Predictions calendar

Country Crop Harvesting Period Status
Burkina Faso Millet October-December Published
Burkina Faso Sorghum October-December Published
Côte d’Ivoire Millet October-November Published
Côte d’Ivoire Sorghum October-November Published
Gambia Maize September-October Published
Gambia Millet October-November Published
Gambia Sorghum October-November Published
Ghana Millet October-December Published
Ghana Sorghum October-December Published
Guinea Maize October-January Published
Guinea Millet October-January Published
Guinea Sorghum October-January Published
Guinea-Bissau Maize September-October Published
Guinea-Bissau Millet September-October Published
Guinea-Bissau Sorghum September-October Published
Mali Maize September-December Published
Mali Millet September-December Published
Mali Sorghum September-December Published
Mauritania Maize October-December Published
Mauritania Millet October-December Published
Mauritania Sorghum October-December Published
Niger Maize September-October Published
Niger Millet September-October Published
Niger Sorghum September-November Published
Nigeria Millet September-October Published
Senegal Maize September-November Published
Senegal Millet September-November Published
Senegal Sorghum September-November Published
Sierra Leone Millet October-November Published
Sierra Leone Maize October-November Published
Egypt Wheat May-June Published
Libya Wheat May-June Published
Morocco Wheat May-June Published
Tunisia Wheat June Published
Kenya Wheat October-November Published
Mozambique Wheat October Published
Namibia Wheat October-November Published
South Africa Wheat October-November Published
Zambia Wheat October-November Published
Zimbabwe Wheat October-November Published
Malawi Maize April-June Published
Malawi Rice May-July Published
Malawi Sorghum June Published
Malawi Wheat July-August Published
Burundi Beans December-January / May-June Published
Burundi Sorghum January-February / June-July Published
Somalia Sorghum Published
Algeria Wheat June-August Published
Sudan Wheat March Published